Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trailer is good to go!

Location, Atascadero, CA
Trailer is good to go.

I drove to Fresno yesterday (Friday) and cooled my heels for a few hours while the tires and rims were completed. The tires were sent to a tire shop which mounted them on rims which look like brushed aluminum but actually are steel.

I had been afraid that the refer might have quit while all this work was being done and with the heat I would really have had a stinky mess to take care of. Not the case however as everything was fine.

After mounting the tires on the trailer, adjusting the brakes, and finishing the paperwork, we took the rig for a test drive to check the brake settings. All seems ok so I headed for Atascadero about 5:30 PM.

It took me about 2 and one half hours to make the trip.

Today I am cleaning the rig, throwing old food out of the refer, and putting things back in order. I need to do laundry and buy groceries before Monday when I will move the rig to San Simeon State Park for several days.

Temperature in Kettleman City when I passed through about 6:30 PM yesterday was 108.