Monday, August 11, 2014

Update on trailer and weekend.

Location, At Home, CA

An update with some photos from the recent trailer problems.

The trailer now has all new suspension system and springs, new backing plates and brakes, new wheel bearings, and new rims and tires. Surprisingly, this was not as expensive as one would think and I now have peace of mind knowing that all the running gear is new.

Truck load of tires to be disposed of with the bad tire on the left rear.

I spent the weekend at the Atascadero Elks Club RV Park. While there I did laundry and bought groceries to use while we were camped at San Simeon State Park for 4 days. We camped in the Washburn campground which is on the hill away from the beach. We were joined by Jim and Michelle, George and Marcy, and Ron and Becky. We all had sites next to or near each other which worked out nicely.

We had a very nice week with a few ladder golf games, and games of Sequence by the ladies. The weather was very nice for the first 2 days then the overcast came in during the night. The sun was too warm to sit in while the shade was too cool so that meant a lot of chair moving to find the right temperature. It was still pleasant however. We had a fire each night which is what camping is all about.

Some of the group had tickets for a Hearst Castle tour on Thursday while the remainder of us drove up the coast to Plaskett Creek Campground. We camped here several times when we only had a pickup with a slide in camper. The campground has been improved and lots of folks were camping but the sites still are small and recommended for smaller campers and tents. I had forgotten how twisty-windy the road is for the last 20 miles. Definitely not for big rigs.

On Friday 3 of us moved to the Lompoc Elks Club where we spent the weekend visiting friends who live in Lompoc. Friday night we had a prime rib dinner at the Elks and breakfast on Sunday before we left for home.

While at the Elks Club I was told that an RV sales lot next to the Elks also did major repairs so on Saturday a mechanic came by and took photos so they can work up an estimate for costs and time to do the repairs.

Today I took all the rims and tires to a local tire shop and had the tires removed from the rims. I brought the rims home and will clean them up and put them on Craig’s List. Maybe I can recoup some of my costs.