Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some things change slowly.

Location, At Home

Some things never change.

I am still waiting on the repair quote for the trailer. I do have a date however to take it in for the repairs. At least that is something. I am giving them at least a month to do the repairs.

The insurance adjuster called and within a half hour was at my door. A short time later he printed out a check for the full amount of my repairs minus my deductible. How cool is that!

As to the new Dell computer, well, I am slowly working with it but I must admit it is a struggle. I have 90 days to like it or return it. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I was contacted by someone from my home town who is working on genealogy for that area. So I have been spending way too much time looking up data, updating files and my Family Tree Maker program with new information, and writing articles with the data I have learned. It is time consuming but oh so rewarding. At times I had 3 computers running and two printers going as well as my scanner to gather and process all the data.

It is amazing how much information is available on the internet. Of course, much of it is locked up by and requires a fee to gain access. When I first started looking for my family tree years ago, much of that information was free.

Today I finished a project which has been sitting around for several years. I was given a partially completed basket which I fully intended to complete. Today I finished that basket.
A 12 inch round basket.