Friday, January 8, 2016

CES report.

The fears of chaos at CES because of the security imposed on bags, etc did not materialize. There was inspection of bags but it did not impede entry to the buildings. There also was a much heightened security presence through out the facilities along with bomb sniffing dogs. It never caused a problem.

That being said, there seemed to be as many people as last year even though the planned attendance of 150,000 was reduced by 25,000 from last year. There still were large crowds. 
 Jammed isles in the mornings.

The large number of buses brought in to move people plus taxi's and private cars cause gridlock most mornings. Evenings were not as much of a problem as people leave at different times.

The size and scope of the facilities can be overwhelming as there are multi-venues through out Las Vegas. This show has really gotten quite large with over 3,500 vendors. Many of these vendors do something connected to the internet so it is now called IoT or The Internet of Things.

I did attend a presentation by the General Motors CEO Mary Barra on Wednesday. The theater was packed. She introduced the new Chevy Bolt, a second generation Electric Vehicle. Fairly impressive on face value but it remains to be seen what the pundits have to say.

Her opening remarks were with a backdrop photo of a missile launch followed by a short video of the Lunar Roving Vehicle driving on the moon at which time she called it “the first electric vehicle”. Brought a tear to my eye.

Below are some random photos I took. It is hard to get a good photo because of the crush of people around popular vendors.

Nice idea for  booth.
Need a few TV remotes?
How about a blow up booth? Easy to set up and take down.
 Drones, drones, drones everywhere.
 Audi's very impressive booth. All metal and black 
glass which glowed when lite with colored lights.

One of our group recorded 18,000 steps on his Fitbit today. Quite impressive. I didn't walk that much but guess I was in the 10,000 step range most days.