Sunday, January 24, 2016

Final Quartzsite report for this year.

I did take the RV in on Friday to have the jack replaced. My appointment was for 8 AM so I had to get going that morning. I stayed around and by 10 AM the jack was replaced.

Over the last 2 weeks we have made several trips to town to visit all the vending areas. Of course, the big attraction is the RV show in the big tent. There aren't any RV's in the tent just vendors loosely related to the RV industry. It does draw a large crowd each day so we usually don't go the first few days the tent is open as the isles are grid lock.

Today we visited the specialty rock area called the QIA pow-wow. This is mostly a jewelery related rock show. I was surprised how many vendors were in attendance. Many more than in recent years. After a couple hours all rocks look the same so we came back to the RV.

Tomorrow I will go to Desert Gardens which is also a rock show but this is big rocks and covers a large area. It also has gotten bigger each year.

On Tuesday morning I will pack up and go over the mountain to Bouse and park at Jack and Judy's for a while. Clyda flies into Phoenix on Friday so I will pick her up and we will decide when and where will go for the next few weeks.

I will close with some Arizona sunsets.