Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show.

A short note from the Main Street Station RV Park in downtown Las Vegas.

Clyda and I had a nice few days with the Retzloff's over New Years. The plan was for her to go home with Budd today when he went there to play golf. Best plans and all as it rained and the golf game was canceled. Don't know when Clyda will get home.

I drove from Bakersfield to Tehachapi, CA with the plan to stop for fuel at Love's. However I neglected to take in to account that it was Sunday after New Years day and the traffic was horrendous and the lines at the pumps were unbelievable. So I pushed on to Mojave and got fuel at the Shell station which I had been wanting to check out anyway. They have nice pull through islands just for diesel. It may be my go to place in Mojave for fuel from now on.

I met the rest of the gang at the Boron rest stop and from there we drove to Domingo's restaurant in Boron for a quick lunch. Then it was on to Barstow, CA for a stop at Harbor Freight before continuing on to Baker where we parked as usual behind the Mad Greek restaurant for the night.

We left for Las Vegas about 10:30 AM Monday with a short stop in Primm to call the reservation service for our campsite numbers. We arrived at the RV park about 1 PM.

Later we picked up our show credentials at a nearby hotel then had dinner at Main Streets buffet.

Today we spent the day running errands. Dick and I had lunch in Chinatown. Quit an experience. It reminded me of eating out in Japan all those many years ago when you could not understand the servers. All the food came in steam baskets and you had to pick out what you wanted without really knowing what you were getting. It all was good and the bill came to $20 for 2 of us.

We stopped at The Bellagio Hotel to checkout the d├ęcor of a new restaurant called Lago. Quite impressive front decor.

We also watched workers move a very large set piece for the new display in the Conservatory. It is based on Chinese New Year.

Dinner tonight was at a local cafe. Prime rib for $9.99.

We have had light rain most of the afternoon and evening. It is certainly welcome but will complicate things tomorrow as we wait for buses and getting through the new