Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Well, it failed again.

Three times it has failed and that's enough.

The front jack on the door side of the fifth wheel has failed again. It could have been worse and failed as I was on the road going somewhere but in fact it failed as I was getting ready to hook up in Las Vegas yesterday morning.

I had raised the front of the trailer almost enough to back the truck under it when “BANG” it let go. There was nothing I could do but continue to raise the front with the remaining jack and get the truck under it and hook up.

After we arrived at Plamosa Road near Quartzsite, AZ I used a bottle jack on that side along with the jack on the other side to raise the RV enough to get the truck unhooked and then slowly lowered the remaining jack and the bottle jack a little at time until the trailer was level.

This morning I went into Quartzsite to RV Lifestyles (where I bought the RV in 2005) and asked if they had a whole new jack assembly. I am tired of fixing the old one. They did have one on hand if it was 33 inches long. I came back to the RV and measured it and it was 33 inches so called them back to arrange an appointment for Friday morning.

I will hook up the RV late Thursday afternoon so I am ready to go Friday morning.

We had a nice day yesterday and today with temperatures in the mid 60's but was it cold this morning. Frost on everything when I got up with the internal temperature at 39 degrees in the RV. I don't run the heater at night but may need to if this continues.

Today was a lazy day with camp chores although I haven't set up much as I need to take things down for Friday. I did empty all the front compartments on the RV as one of them needs to be partially removed to allow access to the jack.

Tomorrow we will go to town to scope things out. There a quite a few people in this area already so it may be a big year for the vendors.

Sorry there are no photos. Maybe next time. All my photos are on my new Samsung S6 phone and I have had trouble getting them onto the PC.