Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

We arrived in Lynden last Thursday morning after spending the night at the Expo Center Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. Not my best choice of places to stay but it was on our route. We always bypass Seattle if we can by driving on 2 lane roads through small towns to the East of the city. This is much slower but less frantic than big city driving especially as we can’t keep up with the speed of traffic that most folks want to drive at.

Our first order of business was to pick up a Fed Ex package from our brother-in-laws house. It contained escrow papers for the sale of property in Las Vegas and the purchase of another Las Vegas property. We knew this was in the works but had hoped to complete the sales while at home where all pertinent info is available. However, as I said to someone, “it seems that most of our real estate sales have been done while we are traveling” so this one is no different.

After filling out all the sections required of us we went to the bank to have several sections notarized. Eventually after a few phone calls for clarification of some fine points we mailed the package back to the sender.

The weather here has been variable. It started out nice with big fluffy clouds mixed with sun but has deteriorated to overcast mixed with light rain showers. Not a good recipe for the 4th of July.

Our BIL Mark has been a most gracious host. He has BBQ’ed the last two nights for us and his daughter Dawn and husband Mat. Last night was excellent smoked salmon, his specialty.

We have been spending most days at Mark’s house as Dawn and her 9 month old daughter Samantha spend the days there also. Samantha is a joy to be around. She is curious as only 9 month old’s can be. Of course, everything goes in her mouth first so it keeps us on our toes to keep everything picked up that she shouldn’t have. 
Dawn & Samantha

Samantha with the 4th of July outfit Clyda bought for her. 
 Look at that red hair!
Saturday Mark and I worked on his garage door project which involves sanding down the door panels which are varnished wood with raised panels. We have one more to do which we hope to get done next Saturday.

If the weather improves we will drive to the coast a Blaine, WA for the fireworks display. If not, we may watch it on TV or see it here from our campground as some folks living near here fire off some really big fireworks each year.