Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two blog posts in one week, my my!

This will be a somewhat technical post so if that doesn’t float your boat, just check back later.

I have heard it said that “taking your RV down the road is like having an earthquake at your house every day."

I do think that is true, for instance, the first day of our trip Clyda said, “Don’t look now but you lost the cover to the water heater again." That is the second time this year that we have lost the cover. Not only is it a pain, it also cost between $65 -$75 to replace it. Mine happens to be a 10 gallon water heater which means it always comes with the frame around it which I do not need. I throw it away as it is of no use to me.

I bought a new door today and added a clip so that the door if it should come open can’t get loose from the RV. Problem solved, I hope.

We have had a problem with our slide creeping out as we drive. It only moves out a small amount but in a rain storm it would be significant. I usually stop occasionally and run it back in but it soon comes out again.

Talking to local RV repair persons gets me not much sympathy as they really don’t want to work on it. There is a multitude of possible problem areas, so where do you start? They and I think it might be in the pump valve area which is leaking back into the reservoir when the rooms are in. The cheapest possible fix is to remove some of the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and replace it with Sea Foam Transmission Fluid which may clean up the valve. It is worth a try. It is also the simplest fix. We shall see.
Hydraulic pump on left and reservoir on right.

Today, the park started mowing the lawns around the few RV’s remaining after the holiday. I went out and put up our steps and moved the truck so the kid could do a better job around our RV. As I stepped out of the truck I heard a loud ping as the mower threw a rock. Clyda yelled at me to come see what had happened to the window over the sink. The rock actually came through the window and shattered all the glass. I talked to the kid who had just started this job and was very sorry for the rock. It was just an accident. I let the park know.

So, I called a local glass company and they came out this afternoon and measured for a new glass. I need to take the RV to them on Friday morning so they can install the new window. I think I will ask them to wait until Monday as we leave on Monday and can take it by on our way out of town. That way I don’t need to move the RV twice.

I also need an oil change in the truck so will have that done tomorrow. I take it to an Express Oil Change place here which also has the oil I use, DELO 400. It is the first time I haven’t had to go to NAPA or someplace like it to buy my own oil to have it changed. In fact there are two oil change places in Lynden which have DELO 400. Small world.

We have a full week of things to do with our few remaining days here in Lynden.