Friday, July 22, 2016

The good, the bad, the ugly!

A synopsis of or trip so far.

The Good!

Spending time with Mark: Matt & Dawn & Samantha; Michael & Lizzie & Mathias. Our day trip to Bremerton for Mathias’s dedication.

Three days camping at Rest-A-While RV Park on the Hood Canal.

Spending 6 days with Dick and Barbara on the Oregon Coast. Especially tasting wine at the Youngbird winery and B & B on the deck overlooking the vineyards from on high. Awesome!

Clam chowder at Mo’s on the Newport Harbor waterfront and fried fresh small clams which Barbara prepared. Super!

Long talks by the fire late in the afternoon with good friends. Wonderful!

Then on to Roseburg and a day with Gary, my Navy buddy and wife Judy, Clyda’s friend from grade school. Beating the ladies 5-2 at sequence. Perfect!

The Bad!

Loosing the water heater cover the first day out (second time since April). The slide creeping out slowly each day and doing it again after I put it back each time.

A rock through our kitchen window from the lawn mower while camped in the RV park south of Lynden.

Replacing the black water dump valve.

The city water check valve getting stuck and filling the water tank so it came out the overflow vent (twice). We are using on-board water the remainder of our trip home.

The Ugly!

Blowing one of my Goodyear Marathon tires on I-5 south of Olympia, WA.

Trying to service the hydraulic pump by adding a cleaner to the reservoir. Not a good choice. The slide quit working in Newport when I tried to run it in so the Les Schwab mobile service guy could remount the tire in place of my spare. He had to do it with the slide out.

Called a Mobile Mechanic to help with the slide. Four and a half hours later, we rounded up six guys in the campground and pushed the slide in manually. It is now locked in place with 2 2x4’s on top of the slide to keep it from going out. Same for the front slide.

We are going home on a wing and a prayer.

 Sunset at Winchester Bay, OR