Thursday, May 22, 2008

Continuing the story

Location, At Home

I should mention that most of the time we spent in Yosemite and nearby, the temperature was in the low 90’s which made for very warm days but pleasant evenings around the campfire.

To continue the story from the last entry, on Sunday, Ron and Becky left for home and the rest of us stayed around camp then drove to Oakhurst for a BBQ lunch which was very good. We picked up a few groceries and lay around camp the rest of the day.

On Monday we drove back into the valley and signed up for a 2 hour tour of the valley. Earlier tours were full so we picked a 1 PM tour. We walked to the base of Yosemite Falls in the blowing mist and crossed over the bridge below the falls and hiked the trail back to the village. We had a quick bite to eat and then took the Tram back to Yosemite Lodge for the tour.

Early in the day we had stopped at Sentinel Picnic area which is near the Merced River and watched a group of painters at work trying to capture the magnificence of Yosemite Falls. Near by was a back water of the river which was crystal clear with no wind ripples and had a perfect reflection of the falls. The pictures tell the story.

Tram used for valley tour.

Touring the valley.

It was a very nice tour with geology, and history facts woven into the tour as we moved about. We drove to the Ahwahnee Hotel for a quick look. It had been years since Clyda and I had been there. We had stayed at Yosemite Lodge for our anniversay and had dinner and breakfast at the Ahwahnee Hotel.

After a full day in the valley we returned to camp for a kick back evening.

We left for home about 9:30 on Tuesday morning. With a stop in Oakhurst to top off fuel at $4.69 a gallon we drove to Paso Robles and parked the RV at Wal-Mart. We had called our friends Dick and Connie and spent the afternoon with them. Clyda went to Barber Shop Chorus with Connie while Dick and I caught up on plans for the annual Death Valley pre trip in the fall. We went for Chinese Buffet later. The Wal-Mart lot was ok but someone next to us ran a generator most of the night. Inconsiderate people! We didn’t even put out our slides to sleep. It is the right thing to do. We had breakfast at McDonalds inside Wal-Mart, shopped a little, and drove home, arriving about 12:30.

A very nice trip with good friends.