Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Location, At Home

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We didn’t have much planned. On Sunday we walked the last nine holes of the City Gold Tournament while watching Kevin Marsh, the son of friends play. Kevin has won the tournament twice in recent times but yesterday was not to be. He came in fourth after a disastrous two holes.

After the tournament, we went to Don and Bev’s house for a BBQ for Kevin. It was a nice afternoon and has become somewhat of a tradition on Memorial weekend. Clyda is paying for it today as the course is quit hilly and her knees bother her.

This mornings local paper featured a picture of the tournament winner at the 18th green on its front page and through his legs you can make out Clyda standing back of t he green. Her 15 minutes of fame!

I replaced the hall bathroom fan which is always fun as I had to get up in the attic to remove the old one. Of course, the new one is not the same exact size so wood spacers needed to be added to make it line up with the existing opening in the ceiling. After it was installed I tried putting the vent cover on and it wouldn’t fit as the fan needed to be recessed in the cutout to the bottom of the drywall not the top as I had positioned it. After another trip to the attic and help from Craig all is now as it should be. I am filling the opening around the new fan casing with spackle so the fan won’t draw air from the attic instead of the bathroom. The fan is 110 CFM which should make my friend Budd happy the next time he visits.