Friday, May 30, 2008

Painting and waxing

Location, At Home

After my morning walk and a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I finished removing the wall paper paste Clyda had worked on in the hall bath. I did some repair around the tub with spackle and will wait for that to dry before I put on a primer coat. I am hoping that the primer will cover any imperfections created when the wall paper was removed. If that doesn’t work then I will need to pick up a can of Orange Peel spray for touch up.

I managed to get some waxing done on the RV before lunch. Not as much as I had hoped however. I would like to get it all waxed before Tuesday when we leave for Washington.

After lunch I sanded the few spots that needed it and taped off all surfaces I didn’t want to paint. The bathroom is small so it doesn’t take long to roll on a coat of paint. It will dry until tomorrow.

I finished the day by picking 11 baskets of berries which is the largest amount I have picked at one time this year. Clyda decided to make a small cobbler for dessert tonight. Yummy!!!