Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain in May?

Location, At Home

It rained today and it never rains in May. Son Craig had just asked me this morning about the chance of rain and I said “no chance”. Well, I was wrong as it rained about 0.2 inch in a very short time. The rest of the day was dreary with mist and short showers. The rain puts a crimp on lots of Memorial weekend activities. This weekend is the City Golf Championship with our friend Kevin Marsh playing. We are invited to walk the course and later attend a BBQ in his honor.

Our neighbors are all at church camp for the weekend so I hope the weather turns out nice for them.

After we got home Wednesday, I parked the RV in the street and scrubbed the roof as it needed it. It is a rubber roof which needs periodic maintenance. Unfortunately, while we were camped at Summerdale Campground, the cottonwood trees were putting on their leaves and the leaf sheaths were falling. These sheaths are covered with a sap that is impossible to remove when it sticks to something. The roof and awning are covered with this sap. I haven’t tried to remove the sap from the awning yet as it has been too windy to put the awning out.

Today was work around the house day. I finished putting the baseboard in the front bedroom closet and re hung the doors. Clyda put all the stuff back and I think we are done in that room. Now she is removing the wallpaper and paste from the hall bathroom. I need to get a new ceiling fan and replace the electrical outlet and switch to match the new outlets in the kitchen. I am replacing all outlets and switches as we redo each room. They are 42 years old after all.