Thursday, May 29, 2008

A much needed wash job.

Location, At Home

I mentioned in last Fridays blog that I needed to remove the sap from the RV awning after the trip to Yosemite, well, today was the day. With the RV parked next to the house, there is no room to extend the awning so I needed to put it in the street to open it for cleaning.

We live on a cul de sac so I waited until all the neighbors had left for work and then pulled the trailer out and parked it at the side of the cul de sac and extended the awning. There was a lot of sticking noise from the sap as I unrolled it. Using Soft Scrub on a rag I started on the under side and working upside down, or looking over my head, tackled one square foot at a time. Talk about hard on the back and arms………I guess. It took me about 2 ½ hours to do both sides of the awning. Not all the spots came off but I think I got the sap off.

After lunch I started washing the rig. It’s at time like this when I wonder why I ever bought such a large RV. It is basically a hand wash job so that means lots of climbing up and down an 8 foot ladder. With the washing done I decided to wax the front cap which gets all the bugs while traveling. Waxing isn’t to taxing and so this was done quickly. Now I really need to wax the rest of the unit but Clyda has other plans for me tomorrow.

She has been removing wallpaper and paste from the hall bath so now it is up to me to complete that job and get a coat of primer on the walls. We would like to get that bath done before we go to Washington next week. Don’t know if that will happen or not.