Sunday, July 27, 2008

Digging, Digging, Digging!

Location, At home, CA

Yesterday was a very painful day. Digging, digging, digging! And it was HOT! But with pain comes success.

In the morning I ran some errands before the days labors began. I needed a haircut, I had banking to do, and I needed to buy the new drain line and sump boxes. After that was all accomplished, I started on the digging. The one remaining stump proved to be very stubborn to remove. I dug all around it but couldn’t find any roots on three of the sides which left the side near the neighbor’s wall to dig. I used an 8 ton bottle jack to see if that would break the stump loose but to no avail. I could tip the stump all the way to the wall so that meant the pivot root is near the wall.

I finally uncovered a large root wrapped around the drain line. After much chopping with an axe it seemed like the stump should budge. No chance, so there must be another root down there. By this time I was soaked with sweat and about out of energy from all the day’s efforts. My neighbor Tom helped clean out the dirt as I continued to chop and dig.

About that time Paul who was waiting for company to arrive walked over and suggested that his tractor might do the job. Not one to turn down an offer like that, I accepted. A few minutes pulling with the Kabota and that bad boy was out of there! Woo Hoo! Thank Goodness for Paul. The stump had completely wrapped its roots around the drain line.

With a little time left in the day I proceeded to knock the concrete out of the drain basin at the inlet to the drain.

After showering and resting for a few minutes it was time to set up the BBQ and tables in the cul de sac for a neighborhood get together. We have these once or twice a year. This one was well attended and the weather cooperated so we stayed out until 9 PM or so. A great way to end the week.

Today, Sunday, I dug the dirt out of the drain basin and along the drain line where it was still buried and removed the line in several pieces. I worked on opening the hole under two cement borders which is going to be somewhat of a problem. Roots from the trees and junipers have grown along side of the line and these are going to be difficult to remove. I knocked as much dirt off the juniper stump as I could and now I can at least move it by myself.

The result of all this effort yesterday earned me blisters on my right hand in places I have never had blisters before. They will get a chance to heal starting Tuesday as we will be in the Walnut Creek helping our friends Cindy and Gary celebrate their recent retirement. I am looking forward to that.