Monday, July 28, 2008

Drain line is in!

Location, At home, CA

Boy, am I glad this past week is over with and we are leaving in the morning for Walnut Creek. I couldn’t face another day of slave labor such as I have been doing. Although in truth, I am done with the worst part.

Today I got the 2 tunnels under the curbs opened enough to get the new drain line in. It involved digging with a hand trowel and cutting several roots. I then turned off the water to the side yard and cut the water line where it passed under the drain line. There was not enough room to get the new bigger line through the opening. I installed a “U” in the water line which now allows the drain to pass into the sump.

Drain line under curb.

New sump with water line "U" visible.

Do I look like a happy camper or what?

I had to buy an adaptor to go from the old 2 inch line into the sump. That little piece of plastic cost $15.00!!!!!!! Ouch! My next shock was the cost of three brass hose bibs to replace all the old ones on the before mentioned water line. I replaced the line going to the bibs as it had a slow leak. One of the bibs cost $13.95 and the others were $7.95 each. I told Clyda that we need to rethink this home ownership bit.

After lunch I installed the drain line and sumps and checked the line for slope to make sure it would drain properly by running water down the line. After I was satisfied with that, I buried the line. I didn’t want to leave it open while we are gone as that clay ground would be dried like cement by next week. I cleaned up all my tools and temporarily installed the old gate and short piece of fence to close in the yard while we are gone.

I have been going through a pair of gloves every 2 days. Even wearing gloves, I still have lots of blisters. All will heal by next week I hope. The remainder of the fence project is not as labor intensive but Clyda has been buying plants for the flower bed along the fence so they will need to be taken care of soon.