Friday, July 11, 2008

Eating well in Tehachapi

Location, Tehachapi, CA

We left Glass Creek on Tuesday morning and stopped in Bishop at Schat’s Bakery to pick up Mule Bread and a cherry breakfast roll to take to Budd and Brenda’s. We also got a large cinnamon roll to eat.

We stopped at Independence at the new Indian Casino north of town for fuel. Diesel was $5.059 per gallon. Cheapest around. Thanks to Ron and Becky for telling us this as they rolled south on Monday.

We arrived in Tehachapi and parked in our usual spot. The same place we were two weeks ago on our way north.

On Wednesday we pulled wires through a PVC conduit so Budd now has separate 30 amp electricity where he parks his RV and also separate where I park.

The weather has been hot, about 92 degrees most days but cools down at night. We have not spent a lot of time outdoors. We checked out the farmers market yesterday after having an ice cream at Coldstone. It hit the spot!

Every morning we pick Armenian pickles from Budd’s garden and also the neighbor’s garden. We pick boysenberries, zucchini, yellow squash, peas, and beets. We have made an Asian pickle recipe with the cucumbers which is very good and also had vinegar pickles for lunch. Last night we had Harvard beets fresh from the garden for dinner. Tonight we are having zucchini pancakes. Needless to say, we eat well.

We will go home tomorrow. We have been waiting for the smoke and ash to clear out from the California coast before returning home. We do have smoke and haze here from the Piute fire north of us but no ash.

No pictures again as our camera quit. I called Canon and it looks like they will repair it for free as the problem was known to them. I will mail it when we get home.

My GPS also quit. it is dead. I emailed a request to Magellan but have not received a response. I bought it at Costco so guess I will take it back to them and see what they say.