Monday, July 21, 2008

Main fence is done!

Location, At home, CA

I just couldn’t stay away from the fence yesterday knowing there were things I could do in preparation for putting the boards up. I removed the form boards from the curb and mounted the boards at either end of the fence so I could run a string line to use as a guide for the fence board height. I made a template so I could mark each board where the screws will go. By doing this, all screws will be in line for the whole fence. It just looks better this way. The screws are #6 by 1 5/8 long and are coated just for fences. No rusty running marks on my fence!

Today, I started putting up boards. Son Craig helped for a couple hours which really made progress zoom. I marked boards and he drove the screws.

Craig at work while I marked the boards.

Neighbor Paul comes to check progess.

Completed fence.

The main section of boards was up by lunch time but the remaining 2 sections took the rest of the afternoon. Each board was tried in place, marked for cutoff, marked for screw holes, sawed to length, and painted on the cut end before installing. These boards were cut off because an existing block wall on the neighbor’s side hides the lower foot of the boards and it was decided that each board should but cut off to avoid dirt building up and rotting the boards.

The main part of the fence is done but I have a small end section to replace as well as a gate to build. That is next for this project.