Saturday, July 9, 2011

Berry season report.

Location, At Home, CA

First, some unfinished business.
Berry picking season ended a few weeks ago. The last berries had a mushiness around the stem which effectively ended the picking. I did manage to pick 92 baskets this year. The baskets I use are the small strawberry baskets you get at the market or from fruit stands.

Most of the berries were juiced down immediately as we had little room in the freezer. Clyda then made both jelly and syrup which is really good on pancakes.

Today I cut off all the old canes which had fruit on them this year and put up the new canes which will bear fruit next year. Tomorrow I will water them good and that will be that until fall when they get fertilized with steer manure. Berries should not be over fertilized so no commercial fertilizer is used. I have been doing it this way for 40 plus years.
The learning of the new computer with Windows 7 continues. I now have the iTunes library moved over. I haven’t synced my iPod yet but have now reason to believe it won’t work.

There are starter versions of Word and Excel on my system and both seem to accept my old documents so that is a relief. I do need to install my copy of Family Tree Maker to keep up on family history and I need to get all my addresses moved over. I hope there is an easy way to do that.

We are being overrun with little bitty ants. They are everywhere. I sprayed around the house outside yesterday and today put out some bait in liquid form which they take back to the nest. In a few places the ants have found the bait and just covered the small pieces of cardboard I have the bait on. The remainder have nothing near them. It should take a few weeks for all the ants to disappear according to the instructions.