Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick update.

Location, Mammoth Lakes, CA

We left home on Wednesday with our route being through Santa Maria, Ca and then East on Hwy 166 to Maricopa and on to Tehachapi where we spent the night as guests of Budd and Brenda and Jessica who is 2 years old. The weather was beautiful with clear skies and warm.

Yesterdays drive through the Mohave was hot, about 96 deg average and smoky from a fire in the Golden Trout Wilderness West of Olancha. We did stop in Bishop for a sandwich at Shotts' Bakery and the temp was about 98. The sandwich line was out the door. Busy place. Can't imagine how much money they take in each day.

We couldn't get into Glass Creek as they limit it to 49 sites and all were full. Bummer! We drove back to Mammoth and stayed at Mammoth RV Park which is the pits but they do have good Wi-Fi and TV. They charge $47 for a blacktop parking lot.

Our plan was to stay 2 nights but we will move on today as this place is party central although it was quiet from midnight on.