Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Location, At Home, CA

Our company is all gone. Clyda had a good time at her reunion Saturday night. All of the ladies in her group went without their husbands which I am sure made for a nice time by them.

I washed the RV on Saturday, waxed half of it yesterday and finished it this morning. That is a BIG job. I use an 8 ft step ladder to reach the high stuff. I used Gel Gloss wax because the Gel Coat really needs it. I now have smooth feeling sides but they look blotchy. Best I can do right now.

We have much of the loading done but food items and last minute stuff will be done tomorrow.

Our weather has turned warm which means it must be time to leave. The good weather is always after we leave or just before we get home.

I aired the tires early this morning before they warmed up. I can tell the truck has been in for service as the tire pressures were all over the map. I don’t know what the shops use for a gauge but must they must do it by inspection. That looks about right … no… maybe a leettle more. That should do it!

Anyway, I checked the pressure with a digital gauge. It may not be right but it is consistent.

We have been invited out for dinner the last few nights which is really nice as we don’t need to stop what we are doing and fix dinner. Of course, there are still leftovers in the fridge from all the company but I am sure they will get eaten somehow.

Look for entries from down the road, or I should say up the road, as we are in fact headed North.