Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Road to Hell!

Location, At Home, CA

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  My intention is to update this blog more often but it just doesn’t happen. So… I guess I am on the “Road to Hell.”

I have completed a few of my “to-do” items this week with only the major job of washing and waxing the RV left to do.

Yesterday we went down to Newberry Park to play with the babies for the day. What fun!!! They are so cute. They will be crawling soon.

Both vehicles have been in the shop this week. The car had a loose caliper on one wheel and the brake pads weren’t seated properly. I made a racket when you hit a bump. The brakes still worked but I don’t know why.

The truck had normal maintenance items to be done. It should be ready to roll in two weeks.

Speaking of rolling, I have been watching the temperatures in Las Vegas and have decided to bypass “sin city” for this trip. Just too hot!

Instead, we will take a back road through Tehachapi and then up Hwy 395 to Carson City, NV before heading east on I-80 to Wells, NV. That stretch will be hot also but there is no way to avoid it. From Wells we will head North to Twin Falls, ID, Salmon, ID, Missoula, MT and then to Glacier Nation Park. This will all be new country for us from Twin Falls on.

We are off to Walnut Creek on Sunday to lie in Cindy and Gary’s pool for a few days. Looking forward to that. The following weekend friends will stay with us while attending a wedding and at the same time Clyda has her 50th class reunion.

Fifty years! WOW. Fifty years ago Clyda and I had just met prior to her graduation. Doesn’t seem that long ago.

Here are a few flowers blooming in our backyard right now.