Saturday, March 14, 2015

Enough with the rain!

Rain, Again.

It rained yesterday afternoon about the time we got back from Dallas and picked up the truck at Ford. We stopped at Walgreen's to pick up a prescription for Clyda and also stopped for fuel.

We drove to Bill and Marilyn's house for one last visit while Budd and Brenda went back to the RV park.

After saying our goodbyes to Bill and Marilyn we also went back to the RV park.

We woke up to a light drizzle and did our hook-ups in the rain. I had a hard time getting out of the muddy camp site as the wheels had no traction. By backing up a few times I did manage to get out and on the road. I suspect I left big ruts in the site but don't feel to bad as there should be gravel on which to park and that wouldn't happen. Even a few shovel fulls would help. But no, my site was mud!

We drove in rain, heavy at times, until we were west of Ennis, TX where we got on I-35 south. Somewhere north of Waco we ran into construction. I swear it lasted for over 50 miles. I can't believe what the cost must be for all of that.

We eventually turned west toward Lampasas where we stayed for the night in a DRY RV park. No rain, no mud, warm temp, heaven.

And they had a BBQ place right next door. All the catfish you could eat on Friday night.

Today we drove south and west to Junction on I-10. We reached Junction at noon. I had complained as we drove through Llano, the home of Coopers Old Pit BBQ. I have been wanting to go there for years. It wasn't open. Too early.

Traveling the hill country backroads.

A side Note here: I keep a list of places to eat on our travels. It just so happens that most of them are in Texas. I have gathered them from various sources. On this trip we introduced Budd and Brenda to Madina, the Apple Capitol of Texas and now Coopers Old Pit BBQ. I still haven't made it to Royer's Round Top Cafe in Round Top, TX for the Best Buttermilk Pie in Texas. It never fits our travel schedule.

As we pulled off the road coming into Junction, Brenda pointed out a sign for Coopers Old Pit BBQ 1/3 mile ahead. So we pulled into the lot, parked by some big trucks and walked to the restaurant. The smell from the BBQ pits out back was heavenly but the line for food was out the door.

Parked for lunch at Coopers.

 Standing in front of the pits.
 Waiting in line.
The large brown smoker is the charcoal maker. 
Wood being added to the charcoaler. Finished charcoal will be used in the pits.

We waited anyway and decided to get takeout for dinner tonight. I bought 1 ½ lbs of brisket, a sausage, and a pint of red sauce. Budd bought the cobbler for dessert.

After a lunch of left overs we headed west and a couple hours later pulled into an RV park in Ozona. You must know that I have an aversion to Ozona from previous earlier trips. Few gas stations which are hard to get into with the trailer on behind and limited RV parks.

So limited that we are staying in an oil field RV park along with all the workers. Caliche dust blowing but we do have water, sewer, electric, and WiFi for $35 a night. High by most standards by cheap by oil patch standards.

 RV park in the oil field yard.
Camping in the caliche.

The town is dominated by pickups, oil trucks, and high prices. Yesterday we paid $2.45 for diesel. Here it is $3.09. Whatever the people will bear in the oil patch goes.