Friday, March 6, 2015

Too darn cold to be camping!

Wednesday late afternoon the temperature was 80 degrees in Laurel, MS where we camped for the night. It was hot and muggy until late at night when the temp dropped into the 30's. Thursday morning it was cold and rainy when we left for Brookhaven, MS with the temp hovering just above freezing.

It was a calculated chance we were taking that the rain wouldn't turn to sleet while we drove. With one eye on the weather and one on the thermometer we drove the 90 miles to Lincoln Civic Center RV Park which is an equestrian park in Brookhaven.

Many of the sites were taken but several in the center were available. We hastily parked and leveled and got inside as the sleet came down. Shortly, everything was covered in ice. The temp was 29 degrees when we arrived. It dropped to 23 overnight.

Ice on the trucks.

 Ice on the slides.
Icicles on the RV.
 Think they will survive?

We were very lucky to get off the road when we did as it got very nasty later.

Today we drove 85 miles to Vicksburg, MS. It was a pleasant drive but the wind was biting. Temps are supposed to creep up in the next few days.