Thursday, March 12, 2015

Visit to Greenville,TX.

On Tuesday we decided to press on to Greenville, TX as the weather was supposed to be ok. It was. We arrived south of Greenville about 12:45, picked the only 2 spots available at the RV Park and set up. It is a barely passable RV park but there isn't much choice in the area.

We are here to see Bill and Marilyn, our daughter-in-laws parents, and to visit a few museums in Dallas.

We spent Tuesday evening with Bill and Marilyn and it was a nice visit.

Wednesday morning we drove to the SMU campus and visited the George W Bush Library. After about a 4 hour tour we had lunch in the library cafe. We returned to Greenville about 4 PM.
A four wall video display.
 Seal of the President in Oval office rug.

This morning I dropped the truck off at Ford for and oil change. Budd, Brenda, and Clyda picked me up there and we again drove back to Dallas and the Kennedy Museum at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Clyda and I had been here several years ago and some things have changed. They now give you an iPod to listen to as you view the displays. It took about 3 hours to complete the tour.

We walked to a nearby Subway for lunch.

After lunch we walked to Dealey Plaza and the “grassy knoll” mentioned so often in reports about the assassination. There is a white cross painted on the roadway where Kennedy was killed. 

The 7th floor window. 
The white cross.

No matter what theory you subscribe to about the assassination, a single person plot or a conspiracy theory, doubts do remain in most peoples minds. One hundred sixteen thousand papers from the Warren Commission were ordered sealed by President Johnson for 75 years or until 2039. Maybe the real answers are contained in those papers.