Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today we went in search of wildflowers.

We arrived outside Bouse, AZ at Bill and Karen’s compound yesterday afternoon. I managed to get the rig parked without running over anything in the yard.

We talked about the year we drove to Alamo Lake to see the wildflowers so it was suggested we do that again.

Bill knocked on the door this morning and said “pack up, we are going to breakfast on our way to Alamo Lake.”

We stopped at a cafe outside of Salome for breakfast and then drove to Alamo Lake. The lake is down but people are catching fish. We drove through the campground and then to Wayside, another camping area. No wildflowers. At least none like we saw in this area last time.

Alamo Lake in the background.

Bill decided to take the back road toward Wickenburg which is a “Primitive” road. It had been recently graded so it was in good shape. After several miles we saw wildflowers and Occitillo in bloom. Here are some photos.
 Occitillo in bloom.

Beavertail cactus.

We reached the blacktop and drove to Congress, AZ before driving back home.