Saturday, March 28, 2015

We are Home.

Thursday was a kick-back day in Bouse.

We were waiting for Budd and Brenda to stop on their way from Mesa to Needles to drop off some rubber strip for me. I want to use it to try and stop water from getting on our carpet while driving in the rain.

We did meet them later and exchanged goods.

Karen made home made noodles and chicken for lunch. Scrumptious!

On Friday morning we left Bouse and headed for Boron, our destination for the day. By the time we got to Boron the temperature had risen to around 90 degrees so putting the AC on made it comfortable in the RV.

This morning we left Boron and headed for home arriving here about 12:45 PM.

The trip totaled 65 days from the time we left Quartzsite on Jan 23 until today, March 28th. I left home on the 4th of January so my trip lasted 84 days.

During that time, the truck traveled 7, 171 miles. I have yet to figure how many miles for the trailer (which will be less as the truck was driven without the trailer attached) or MPG, etc. That will come as I have time. I have taxes to prepare for next week.

What a great trip! It is what Clyda and I had planned to do so many times in the last 5 years but just couldn't put it all together because of one thing or another.

We also want to thank our friends Budd and Brenda for making this trip with us. For all the driving when we stopped, for Brenda's trip planning, and for all the places we might not have visited on our own.

Most of all, we thank them for being our friends.