Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Camping in the mud

Location, Del Rio, TX

We drove through light rain and mist all day to Del Rio, TX where we stayed at the Elks lodge.

We left around 9:30 AM and drove south on I-35 towards San Antonio and then west on 1604 the farthest out beltway around the city which intersected Hwy 90 going west to Del Rio. It may have taken us a little longer this way but in the rain it may have been the best route.

It was a pleasant drive on a good road although there is not much to see. The country is all sage brush and mesquite trees which are in bloom right now. All the blooms are a burnt orange or yellow which is quit nice.

We arrived at the Elks around 2:30 and parked. Just as we got hooked up to water and electric the sky opened up for about a half hour. The field got very muddy very fast. The club doesn’t open until 4 Pm so we went looking for fuel and groceries. Fuel was at Wal-Mart for $1.91 and groceries were at a very large H.E.B.

Brenda took this through the window. It looks like we may float away.

Dinner was stew in a crock-pot. We did have cable so watched American Idol.