Thursday, March 5, 2009

Houston rodeo

Location, Houston, TX

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo runs from March 3-22 this year. We have known about it for years but never went to it probably because the Grandkids were too young. Yesterday we had tickets as it was Family Day and the entry fee was only $10 each. For that price we had admittance to the show grounds, the rodeo, and an Alan Jackson concert. Tickets to the Carnival were extra.

What a day it was. We started out in the Ag Center building where all the farm animals were. This included a petting zoo and a birthing center. Cows, pigs and sheep were in this center and you could watch live births. The highlight was a pig with 14 little piglets born a few days ago.

Matthew inside the petting zoo.

Ivy inside the petting zoo.

Dad carrying all the "loot".

There was a hatchery where chickens were hatching, a rabbit display with all kinds of rabbits and a large cow and sheep section where the animals were being groomed for show.

After eating “carnie” food, corndogs, chicken on a stick, etc, we went to the arena to watch a Jr rodeo. Unfortunately, it was over just as we found our seats. The kids went to thee midway for the rides while we watched the setup for the rodeo. It was a great rodeo and we all enjoyed it. After the rodeo, Alan Jackson performed on a great new round stage which turned so everyone could see him. This is the third time Clyda and I have seen Alan Jackson in concert and he can still get the crowd going.

After the performance, the kids rode a few more rides in the carnival before we drove home after midnight. Both Ivy and Matthew won large stuffed animals on the midway. Actually, Matthew won two.