Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy day yesterday.

Location, Home, CA

Yesterday was a busy day!!! The tree trimmers came and started early. Before they arrived I pulled the 5th wheel out into the street which along with all the other vehicles made for a very cramped street for a few hours. As if we didn’t have enough vehicles on t he street, two of the neighbors had gardeners working at the same time.

All of the branches were piled on the slab where the RV normally sits until they had all the trimming done then they ran it all through the chipper. It took about 5 hours all told until they were done and gone.

Here are some before and after pictures of the tree. The first one is the tree with all its leaves on taken a month ago. The rest were taken yesterday. It is a lot less work when the leaves are off.

In the meantime, I took the truck in to have a safety recall done on it. They put a fuseable link in the cruise control circuit. I guess there have been some fires from leaking fluid. I tested it and the cruise still works for which I am thankful. I use it whenever I can to relieve the strain on my sciatic nerve in my right leg.

I picked the truck up in the afternoon and stopped at the hardware store to buy some galvanized bolts for the new woodshed door I am working on. This is another “gold plated” project. Prices are just “sky-high” on hardware.

I started prepping the new door jam for paint. I need to get at least a coat of primer on it before we leave.

Not everyone is as happy with the new front door color as I am. It is called "Hollyberry".

Today I worked more on the shed door, bought some pressure treated 2x4s, redid some of my earlier work around the door when I had no idea how I was going to build the door, and mounted 2 hangers in the woodshed for the long ladders. It takes more time to get out all the tools than it does to do the job. I told Clyda I am sure glad I don’t do physical labor every day as it would kill me. I am really out of shape I guess. What else is new?