Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting closer to going.

Location, Home, CA

I am still working on the woodshed door. I worked on it all day Saturday and all day today. Well, sort of all day. I did a lot of computer stuff also. More on that later. The door is done but I need to cut four narrow strips of wood to finish the siding. I just ran out of daylight today so decided to wait until tomorrow. I also need 2 longer bolts for the hinges. I don’t know how I overlooked that.

Thursday we took the day off and drove to the Santa Ynez Valley with friends Peg and Lee. We had lunch at the Los Olivos grocery store. The make sandwiches and have a small seating section in front where you can eat. After lunch we stopped at Buttonwood Winery where the ladies tasted a few wines and then drove to Sunstone Winery where they tried a few more. It was a gorgeous day in the valley. A perfect time to visit a few wineries.

Yesterday we drove to Filmore in the afternoon where a gathering of friends tried to hash out our May cruise. We all are a little appalled at the extra charges for everything. I have put on hold seats on American Airlines using our miles to get to Ft Lauderdale. It will save us several hundred dollars in air fare. Plus, we don’t need to travel to Los Angeles to catch a flight. I also found a cheaper hotel in Ft Lauderdale than the $350 per night hotels the cruise agent picked. We need to go a day early because of the transit time to Ft Lauderdale from the west coast. I am still not sure we should do this because of the cost. I’m just a penny pincher I guess. We will call it an early 50th anniversary present to ourselves.

On the computer side, I have been running Norton’s System Works from the CD which scans all files and finds inconsistencies such as missing files, missing links, and stuff that should have been deleted but wasn’t when updates were done. All of this makes a computer slow. I think I have improved the speed but there are more things to try if I only had more time.

The last week before we leave on a trip is always hectic for some reason. I guess we leave things to the last minute because some stuff goes with us but we need it in the house until we leave and other things just are natural last minute things, like banking, haircut, fuel, etc. Somehow it all works out.