Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog is up to date.

Location, Morro Bay, CA

Ooops! I’m a little behind in posting.

We drove from Fillmore, UT on Sunday to the Oasis Casino RV Park in Mesquite, NV. The Oasis is a defunct casino but the RV Park is open and run by a Casino down the street. The temperature was rather warm so we ran the AC as soon as we got the power hooked up and then left it on for the rest of our stay.

We visited friends who now live in Mesquite. Clyda worked with Cindy and actually we have known she and husband Roy for years. Nice visit.

Monday morning we ate breakfast at the Casa Blanca coffee shop before we checked out. A big breakfast of 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, and hash browns for $3.99. A great deal!

We drove the 77 miles to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Main Street Station RV Park downtown. It was very warm, in the 90’s but the AC keeps it comfortable.

I took Clyda by the Pawn Star’s shop of TV fame on North Las Vegas Blvd. The line of people was around the building and into the parking lot. Can’t imagine standing in that heat for a few minutes inside the building.

We drove down Las Vegas Blvd to MGM City Center. I wanted to show Clyda the new casinos. I had never driven into the Cosmopolitan parking garage before so it was an adventure as my truck is big and the garage is underground with sharp turns. It was a real challenge but we made it without knocking over any of the rubber posts they use to make the turns.

The Cosmopolitan is known for its more than 2 story chandelier. It is a real work of art. The casino is also pricey.

We walked via the Skywalk to Crystal Shopping center and then out the back of it to Aria another large hotel and casino. We checked out the artwork and shows featured currently. A short monorail ride back to Crystal and another Skywalk trek across Las Vegas Blvd found us in the Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile shopping center in search of food and drink. We found an ice cream stand selling LOBSTER ice cream. Not exactly my cup of tea but they also had Huckleberry ice cream which suited just fine.

We returned to the parking garage and retrieved the truck which now required a few back and forth turns to get up the exit ramp and out of the garage.

We had dinner at the Main Street Station buffet which is still quite good.

Later, we walked to Fremont Street to watch the overhead light show. The featured artist was the Doors from way back when. It was quit good.

Clyda wanted Madi Gras beads so we stopped by the casino that was giving them out. Along with the beads you get a ticket for a drawing worth $10,000. They call out a number every half hour so while we waited Clyda played the slots. When the number was called it was one more than my ticket number. So close, but no cigar.

We drove to Tehachapi on Tuesday and stayed with our friends Budd and Brenda until Thursday morning. Budd helped me with several projects like day/night shade repair, fixing trim on the living room slide, and washing the awning which really needed it.

Thursday Budd drove his rig and Clyda and I took ours to Morro Bay to canp for the weekend. Brenda, Kori and Jessica will come Friday after Kori gets off work. We met Tony and Joanne at the campground. Tony and Joanne camp with Budd and Brenda and our neighbors Paul and Kathy in Death Valley each year while I am there. Good people! I think Tony cheats at Mexican Train as he beat all of us by winning 6 games in a row.