Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's trip not according to plan.

Location, Greenwood, NE

Today’s trip did not go according to the original plan.

We left Welcome, MN about 8:30 as we had about 280 miles to travel today so an earlier start was in order. We drove west on I-90 to Worthington, MN and then south on Hwy 60 towards Sioux City Iowa. As soon as we made the turn we encountered highway construction which diverted us way out in the country but still parallel to Hwy 60. Eventually we got back to the original highway but was it ever rough. It bounced us for several miles until I found a speed which smoothed out the ride.

We also had to backtrack one time because they were removing a transition road to a south bound interstate on ramp. That one caused a little head scratching on my part (plus a few blues words) and a loop through a truck sales lot to get back on track.

We were also diverted by high water along the Missouri River. In places the highway was lined with large black sandbags filled with rocks to keep the water from flooding the road.

For the most part, the Missouri River is back in its banks but there are still fields underwater and farms surrounded by water. Sandbags are everywhere. Some in the most unlikely places. We saw one gas station all banked with sandbags far from the river. Fields which had been flooded and now drained are brown with mud so it is very evident where the water was.

Signs along the road said the transition ramp from I-29 to I-680 around Omaha was closed due to flooding. A lady at a rest stop told me of an alternate route west of Omaha that would put us back on I-680 where we wanted to be. It was good advice.

Tonight we are camped south of Omaha, NE and tomorrow will move west past Kearney, NE.

We sampled a local BBQ place about 3 miles from the campground for dinner tonight. I can recommend the Texas brisket for sure. Clyda had St Louis ribs. All very good and too much food.