Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back at home after 2 months on the road.

Location, At Home, CA

The problem with having multiple computers is not remembering what you did on one vs the other. I have been using the Acer Netbook while on the road to write the blog each day.  Now that I am home I use the Dell desktop to update the blog. I don’t remember what I wrote about last so I had better check the blog on-line I guess.

Oh! I see that I last posted on Friday. So to bring you up to date from then.

We spent the weekend with great friends at the beach in Morro Bay, CA. We played lots of Mexican Train, and a new game Tony had made. Tony loaned Budd the game board as a pattern so Budd can make more. Budd will be under the gun to get them done before Tony and Joanne go through Tehachapi on their way to Death Valley in late October.

We played a long game of Mexican Train Sunday night with Tony and Joanne. Of the 13 hands in a double twelve game, Tony won 9! I know he cheats! Maybe he is just lucky.

Budd and Brenda, Kori, and Jessica left for home after cooking us a nice breakfast of waffles and sausage on Sunday.

We decided the weekend was so much fun that we made reservations for next year in April and added Paul and Kathy to the group.

We drove home Monday morning and have been on the go ever since. I don’t think the wash machine has quit running since we got home. Of course, unpacking all the stuff that gets put in nooks and crannies takes time. The refer was unpacked right away so we had food for Monday night, but it still needs to be cleaned tomorrow. All will be done in a day or so.