Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A ferry ride to start our day.

We woke up to rain this morning. I had been raining off and on all night and today looked like a good day to stay right where we were instead of moving on to New Iberia, LA. We had about made up our mind to do that when Budd said “Why not go to Beaumont instead”. So we looked at the weather radar and it looked like the rain would quit by 9 or 10 AM so we packed up and drove to the ferry terminal on Galveston Island.

We had checked with the terminal yesterday on what was required to take the RV's on the ferry. The propane had to be shut off and no portable gas cans were allowed. Diesel cans were ok.

When we arrived at the terminal the lady checking vehicles noticed the propane tank I use for my BBQ and said I couldn't take it on board unless I connected it to something. After confering by phone with someone she said I could hook it to my BBQ. So, I got out the BBQ and set it on top of the box behind my cab and hooked it to the tank. That made her happy and we drove aboard the ferry. Crazy I know!

Driving on to the ferry.
Budd's truck across from ours.
Driving across the water. Great gas milage!

After a 15 minute crossing to Bolivar Peninsula we stopped in a parking lot and put the BBQ away and hit the road.

We had a nice drive all the way to Winnie, TX where we parked in a church parking lot and had lunch.

Along the way Clyda took photos of the colorful houses on stilts that predominate the Texas coast.
 This house had stilts two stories tall.
 Tallest point on Bolivar peninsula.

We drove to Beaumont, TX and are camped at the Elks Club.

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Maybe.