Sunday, February 8, 2015

We went for a DQ and a parade broke out.

Yes, another day, and another parade, although an unplanned on.

I began this morning early with mass at 7 AM so we could leave New Iberia by 9. Our route was down Hwy 90 towards Morgan City and then on to New Orleans and across the Pontchartrain to the Elks Club in Slidell, LA

Highway 90 is a bad road in many places. It is cement and very rough with only the bridges being smooth. The opposite of California roads where the bridges are rough.

 Traveling down Highway 90 which is raised above the swamp in this area.
Cypress swamp.
 Crossing the Atchafalya River at Morgan City.

When we arrived in Slidell we took the business route through town and made a wrong turn. Budd went straight through the intersection which put him on a dead end road. Fortunately, he was able to turn around.

Clyda and I were in a left turn lane so we had to turn when the light changed. The road was lined with people obviously waiting for a parade. We had to drive about a half mile before we could turn around and then retrace our route. By then the police were closing the side streets as we passed. I am sure people wondered why this RV from California was driving the parade route, twice.

 People lining the streets.

We eventually reconnected with Budd and Brenda and found the Elks Club. It really is a nice place to camp with a small pond with a pair of geese on it and oaks trees with moss hanging from them.

Later we decided to go back to town to the DQ (Dairy Queen) for a treat. Of course, the roads were closed because of the parade so I used my phone to find an alternate route to DQ. The DQ was on the parade route so we parked in a school lot behind it and walked the rest of the way.

After our treat we realized the parade was coming down the street so we stayed to watch. This was a big parade with marching groups and 13 large floats. The parade took about an hour to pass us but the route was so long that participants had to march for almost 4 hours. Some of the people had been in there favorite viewing spots since 9 AM.

Waiting for the parade.

We again caught lots of beads as you can tell by the photos.

People have different methods for collecting beads. Some use a basket while many use a bag to drop the caught beads in. This makes it look like they haven't caught any and the throwers feel sorry for them and toss more to them. It works especially well for the kids.

Lady with a basket and child with a bag of beads.

Beads are not the only thing thrown. As the parade nears the end, which is where we were, stuffed animals are tossed, along with wads of beads, empty plastic cups, cheap toys, flattened cardboard beer cartons, plastic bags, etc.

When beads come flying at you it is best not to bend down to pick anything up as you made get a wad of beads in the head. Some of those beads are BIG.

All in all it was a lot of fun even if we didn't plan to attend another Mardi Gras parade.