Saturday, February 28, 2015

Farthest north and east we are going.

Today's drive was 140 miles from Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA which is the farthest north we plan to go on this trip.

Welcome to Georgia.

Sooooooo, what do do we do after we are set-up in camp, we go for a ride. Yup! We drive around the area to see what is here. In this case we drove about 30 miles farther north to South Carolina, we stopped at the Welcome Center, picked up more literature and maps and drove to Hardeeville which is a wide spot in the road. 

 So we have the GPS on while we drive around Hardeeville but it shows no roads. The red line is I-95 but no local roads show. Wierd!

But, they do have a Dairy Queen. So of course we had to stop for a small one.

We also found a Camping World store so stopped and I bought a new sewer hose extension. Some places on this trip have the sewer connections so far back in the sites that I can't always reach it with my present setup. I bet you just wanted to hear all that didn't you?

It rained last night and this morning. Not hard but a little miserable to disconnect everything this morning. We did drive in a lite mist most of the way today and I suspect it will last over night. 

Site seeing in Savannah tomorrow.