Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving on.

We camped last night at St Andrews State Park at the end of Panama City Beach. It is a nice park but a little tight getting into some spots. It is also very busy. The advantage is the closeness to the water and the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico side.

It rained over night and this morning the wind was blowing. The temperature also dropped. A definite cold front is moving down from the North.

We decided that we would try to stay another day if we could get our same camp sites but someone had reserved our site starting today.

So, we decided to move on.

We are camped only 40 miles away from Panama City just North of the town of Fountain. The reason we are here is because of me. Tomorrow morning I am driving to the town of Sneads to try and find a shirt tail relative of mine. It is a long shot but we are in the area and I need to find out if anyone remains from that side of my family.