Friday, February 20, 2015

Not much to write about.

There hasn't been much to write about as we have been moving almost every day.

I did drive to Sneads, Fl, about a 100 mile round trip, to find a distant relative. I did locate his house but a neighbor told me his son had moved him to Mississippi in December. I did find out a little information, at least enough to convince me I have the right person. I left my card taped to the door and wrote a letter to his present address which the post office will forward to his new address.

I then drove several miles out of town to the local cemetery and photographed a lot of head stones which may be helpful in later research. That was my Wednesday.

Meanwhile Budd, Brenda, and Clyda went cruising around the area and found a very nice German restaurant on a lake for lunch.
Brenda, Ed, Budd at RV Village, Fountain, FL.

It got very cold overnight. Cold enough to freeze Budd's water hose. He had to pour hot water on the faucet to thaw it enough to unconnect the hose.

On Thursday we drove to Perry, Fl which is southeast of Talahasse, FL and camped at the Elks club. We also ate a very good fried chicken dinner at the club.

Typical road in the panhandle of Florida.

Perry Elks Club RV Park.

Again it was very cold, in fact so cold the water was shut off. It was 27 degrees this morning when we left.

Today we traveled south to Eustis, FL just north of Orlando and another Elks Club. The club is on 10 acres of land on a lake. Of course, being on a lake in central Florida is no big deal as there are lakes everywhere.