Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Internet woes!!!


Dorchester, WI

I wanted to update the blog but not much is happening here. We have had more rain but it should end by this weekend, I hope. We had a brief look at the sun this afternoon but no hope for more than that.

I am still frustrated by the amount of time and effort it requires to check and send emails and post this blog. The library here in Dorchester only has one computer that will accept a thumb drive and it is usually occupied. The same happens in Medford as the only computer with a readable USB port is one the kids use to play games on so it is occupied most of the time also.

We are still doing meals for my folks each day at noon. Over the weekend we ordered a lift chair for my dad. It was delivered yesterday and much to my surprise, he uses the lift control most of the time. It will greatly help his bad knees. We also cleaned all of the tile in the bathroom, washed the walls , and regrouted the tile where necessary. It looks like a new bathroom.