Friday, August 31, 2007

Big weekend!

Location, Dorchester, WI

We had a busy day. We did grocery shopping and then drove east of Medford to the Gad Cheese company for cheese to take with us next week and then to the Mennonite store for some Jake and Amos pickled beets. They are made in Pennsylvania and not found anywhere else locally. They are really good.

Clyda made chicken noodle soup for dinner which was excellent. After dinner we did some cleaning and vacuuming and I mowed the lawn. The wind the other day had knocked down a lot of apples, enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket which I picked up before I mowed.

Kenny and Sharon, friends from the old days here came by this evening and said the ice cream stand in Dorchester was open this evening so we walked over. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 PM they sell soft serve in a cone or a sundae for $1.00. Lots of people from town stop by and I guess that is the purpose.

We are going to be with out internet service after today until we find a connection down the road on Tuesday. Everything locally will be closed for the Labor Day weekend. There is some news on the internet front however. A company is trying to get permission from 4 local towns here to put up Wi-fi antennas on the town water towers. Maybe, just maybe, we will have internet service when we come to Wisconsin next time.

Tonight is the Dorchester High School All School Reunion. There should be about 285 people at it. On Saturday night I have my 50th Class reunion. There won’t be many of us but it will be good to see everyone who comes.