Sunday, September 2, 2007


Location, Dorchester, WI

Well, the big All School reunion is over and what a great time we had. The hall was packed with grads from as far back as 1942 and up to 1965. The school closed in 1965. There were a few people missing from the expected 285 but not many. It was wall-to-wall tables for dinner and of course the bar did a brisk business.

I managed to talk to people I had not seen since I left for the Navy 50 years ago. You always wonder how someone you knew intimately turned out in those 50 years. I saw old neighbors, old girl friends, relatives, and old friends. Several of these people were a real treat to talk too. Anyway, I had a great time and we were some of the last people to leave.

On Saturday night we went to my 50 year Class Reunion. It was held at a local bar and dance hall. There was no band for the night so it all worked out fine. There were only nine classmates out of the 20 remaining alive who attended. Several others had been at the All School reunion on Friday night and I did get to talk to them. In all, we had 16 people for dinner. The others sent excuses or failed to respond. Oh, well, we had a good time. The dinner was off the menu and was very good. With so few of us we had lots of time to talk.

Today we celebrated my birthday at my parent’s house. My sister and her husband and my brother Ray came in the afternoon. We dug my dad’s potatoes because all the tops had died back. We only got about 10 gallons of fairly large potatoes. The dry weather affected the size of the crop.

We grilled brats and hamburgers for dinner and as usual had more food than we needed. It was a great birthday.