Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chance encounter

Location, Houston, TX

The other day, one of those chance encounters happened which I only read about on someone else’s blog. I had been scanning the “Hitchitch” website and happened to read “the Odyssey” travelogue. I saw that “Odyssey” was located in Traders Village so at 9:30 at night I told Clyda I was going for a walk to see if I could find it. “It” was parked 2 rows behind us. Because we were busy the next day, I finally decided to email Sean and Louise to see if we could meet before we left on Monday. Louise answered and we got together at 3 this afternoon for an hours conversation. Thank you Sean and Louise. We hope our paths cross again.

Check out their website on for a really unique motor home.

As I write this we are getting our first rain in 2 1/2 weeks and I forgot to roll the windows all the way up on the truck. If I go out now I will get drowned. What a bummer.

We spent the morning getting haircuts, shopping for short pants for me, picking up supplies at Costco, and buying a few groceries.