Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandson!!!

Location, Houston, TX

Today is Matthew’s birthday. Ivy spent the night with us and wanted to go back to her house as soon as she woke up as Matthew had asked for doughnuts for his birthday breakfast. We drove over and watched Matthew open his presents and then Tim fixed a quick breakfast. Matthew got clothes and a Wii which for the uninitiated is an interactive computer device connected to a TV. One or two people can play games such a baseball, boxing, tennis, etc with it. Kids love it.

Matthew had a soccer game at 1 PM so we all drove to George Bush Park south west of Houston. We set up a shade canopy as it was hot in the sun. Matthew’s team is in second place in his league and they were playing the first place team. It was a close played game but Matthew’s team scored two goals and shut out the other team. They now hold first place and are 4 and 0. A great birthday present.

The kids spent the remainder of the day playing with the Wii and another computer game. The day ended with birthday cake and a few rounds of a card game called “Impulse”.