Thursday, September 6, 2007


Location, East St Louis, IL

We had a change of plans this morning. Originally, I had planned to go south from Davenport, IA on Hwy 61 and 67 to St Louis. However, after looking at the time involved too travel this route; I decided we should go via the interstate system. We drove south from Davenport on I-74 then I-55 to St Louis. This is a faster and fuel saving route.

It rained shortly after we started and intermittently through out the trip. We camped at Cahokia RV Parque in East St Louis which is in an industrial area but an OK park. They did have WI-FI for $4.25 a day but I elected not to use it.

I thought there was a casino next to the park but got it mixed up with another campground near by which is at a casino. We did drive through some of the worst areas of East St Louis to get to the casino that I have ever seen. A lot of it was dilapidated industrial area and some was being rebuilt but my goodness, what a mess. There was a new Ethanol plant going up along the river, a part of the big Ethanol push. Passing under an overpass we had to cross a large pool of water which was about 10 inches deep. The drain must have been plugged.

The Casino Queen has a new building and was very busy last night. The slots were full of people but I didn’t here of many winners. We ate at the buffet which featured filet mignon for tonight. Mine was not very tasty but Clyda’s was very good. The Cardinals baseball team played yesterday and the game had a long rain delay so many of the people came to the casino after the game. We did get a nice picture of the Gateway Arch from the casino parking lot.