Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Chamber of Commerce promo

Location, Houston, TX

I have mentioned in past blogs that we are at Traders Village in Houston. This a very large commercial “swap meet” area which is only open on weekends. Next to it is the RV Park with lots of sites with grass between each site. The sites are somewhat close together but the area we are in, the transit area, is fine.

I really like this part of Houston. We are located in the far northwest along the Hwy 6 beltway and Hwy 290 junction on Eldridge Road. When we first started coming here several years ago there was still a lot of open property designated for commercial development. Much of that open space has been and is being developed now. Of course, that means more traffic. There has been a very noticeable increase in traffic since we were here 2 years ago.

Even with the increased traffic, I still really like the area. All of the residential areas have parkways in the center of main routes with trees and plants which are maintained by home owner’s fees. It gives a very nice clean look to the developments. Home Owner’s Associations help maintain clipped lawns and trimmed plants by “dunning” the home owner if the property is not taken care of.

The major traffic routes are also the main commercial areas. There are lots of stores, services, and eating establishments within a few minutes drive, in any direction. The grocery stores are plentiful and for the most part, large and new. Our choice of shopping is unlimited.

So much for the Chamber of Commerce tour.

Yesterday we dropped by a local used book store to browse. We have shopped this store before but found the books to be rather “pricey” this time. We did find a few “bargain books” which made the trip worthwhile. After grocery shopping in a nice big, fairly new Kroger’s, Clyda got dinner items ready to take over to Tim and Diane’s house around 4:30. We BBQ’d chicken breasts and had salads with mint brownies for dessert. We all watched a movie before we came back to the RV.

Today, Sept 25th, I bought oil and will get the oil changed tomorrow. I also bought new windshield wipers as the old ones were coming apart.

We took Ivy to her ballet lesson after lunch and Clyda stayed to help with reading school work while I came back to the RV to back up the data from the laptop to my portable hard drive.