Friday, September 21, 2007

Computer time

Location, Houston, TX

I hate to say it but I spent most of the day on the computer again. I have been working on the desert trip menus and schedules. I called Main Street Station in Las Vegas and have a reservation for 12 nights in their RV Park thanks to This will be really convenient while my sister and brother are at The Four Queens. I had planned to move to the KOA at Circus-Circus on the 18th but may just stay a Main Street Station. It certainly is cheaper.

I did go out in the afternoon and wash one side of the trailer with the brush. It does an ok job but not as good as an old fashioned scrub mitt. I will work my way around the rig next week.

We went to the grandkids house around 3 PM and played math games with them. They really are smart kids and I am always amazed at their math skills.

Tim BBQ’d marinated sliced pork loin and zucchini strips with oak wood and rosemary to provide a smoky flavor. Wonderful flavor!!!

We had a fire in the chimenea on the patio until the mosquitoes drove us inside.

Matthew is spending the night with us and we will take him to soccer practice tomorrow morning.