Sunday, September 23, 2007


Location, Houston, TX

Yesterday was the weekend sale day at Traders Village. It was very warm and less than a capacity crowd showed up. I wanted to see the used book lady but apparently she has quit the business as her space was occupied by someone else. I took a quick look around but did not find any used books. Bummer.

Clyda meanwhile had taken the grandkids to the pool. There were other kids there so they enjoyed that.

This morning I delivered Clyda to son Tim’s house at 8:30 while on my way to church at 8:45. After church I came back to the trailer and washed the dishes and loaded stuff in the truck for Matthew’s soccer game at 1:45 Pm. Tim and family and Clyda came directly from church services to the soccer field. The game was held in Bear Creek Park which is soccer fields as far as you can see. Matthew was invited to play in a traveling league a while back and this was the third game for the team. So far they have won all three games. For 8 and 9 year olds they did very well. What was impressive was the team play moving the ball down the field which they had practiced on Friday. It worked to perfection.

Matthew (in white) moving the ball.

After dinner tonight, Diane made ice cream in one of those plastic balls you roll around to make it freeze. The ice cream mix is in the center while the ice and salt crystals surround it. The kids rolled the ball around on the trampoline which keeps the ball clean and works very well. Tonight we had cinnamon flavor. Tasty!!

Good looking grandkids!