Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Work, work, work!!!!!

Location, Houston, TX

This was a work day. I started by emptying part of the front storage bay again to complete the drying out process. I put the small fan on to dry out the area that got wet from the shower drain.

I noticed the driver’s side rear tire on the truck was low on air again. It had been fine since the valve stem was replaced in Canada. A quick check didn’t show anything obvious so I pumped it back up. I washed the truck and vacuumed the inside. It looks almost normal again.

The next project was the vent cover in the kitchen area. I removed the Maxxair cover and the vent cover fell apart when I touched it. Several minutes of work and it was removed. I decided to wait until after lunch to buy a replacement.

The temperature was climbing by this time along with the humidity so I took lots of breaks to cool off inside and check emails, etc.

The nearest RV parts store is only a few miles from here so in a mater of minutes I had a new vent cover. A half hours work and it was installed. The parts salesman said to wax the cover with a good UV protectorant, which I just happen to have, to prolong the life of the cover.

Next I tackled the shower drain leak. I removed the u-trap completely and put a coating of pipe dope on the threads before I re-installed it. I hope that does the trick.

A recheck of the truck tire showed it loosing air. This time the culprit, a nail, was obvious. So tomorrow, I will pump it up and find a tire shop.

Tim came by this evening and showed us some of his power-point presentations he uses for work. Great stuff!!!